Everyone is GOOD at habits - Change your perception on habits

Everyone is GOOD at habits - Change your perception on habits

Mondays can be a bit of a weird one. They can be a fresh start, but they can also be overwhelming and repetitive.

Mondays usually are the day we organise our to-do list and getting ready for all the tasks that need to be done for the week. But, they are also a day to reset our habit habits. Since I started this business, I have begun exploring my habits and learning about what habits are from workshops and books over the past few months. And the one thing I have learnt is that even if you don't have the habits you want now, that doesn't mean you don't have habits right now.

I have always wanted to create a perfect morning routine for myself. Still, I realised that I already had a morning routine filled with automatic habits, like searching through my emails and social media accounts. And even if these habits aren't the ones you like, it doesn't mean it isn't a routine.

So, if you think that all your habits are 'bad', it only shows that you do have the capacity to have habits.

People think that they start from zero when they improve their daily habits. And that is never the case. And if you think about all the automatic things you do, from where you put your keys to the order, you get ready in the morning. So, we already have many things that we do. We just don't call them habits as they are things we don't have to think about doing. So, suppose you believe that you are the type of person that struggles with habits. In that case, I encourage you to rethink and explore the fact that you already have a bunk of habits and use them as a springboard to create the habits you do want.

Habits are all about trial and error, and it is a bit experimental. June is a great month to start exploring your habits as it is halfway through the year. And it shows that you don't need a new year to begin rethinking how you want to improve your life. If you started planning something for January and haven't stuck to it, this doesn't mean the whole year is a right off. You have so much time this year left, and you still have so much potential for this year.

So here is to owning your habits, and here is to knowing they you are not starting from scratch.

I hope you all have a great start to the week.

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