Fall in Love with your Daily Habits

Fall in Love with your Daily Habits

A study shows that 2,000 adults get tired of the same daily routine after 17 months. But one in ten will get bored after a little longer than one month of the "same old, same old". So, it's not usual for people to start to dislike their daily routine, which sometimes leads to a lack of motivation and energy. So, it's not weird to feel overwhelmed and repetitive in your daily routine and to feel defeated when you don't maintain and complete your routine every day.
Here are some techniques I do to spice up my daily routine when I am tired and unmotivated for the day.

Highlights should be a rare treat than an everyday activity

The first thing I do when I feel deflated about my future month or week is to stop focusing my thoughts on thrilling moments.

In this context, last week was an event packed with craft events and an Ed Sheeran concert. (which was so amazing!!) Because of that, this week, I have been less interested in my routine as it wasn't packed full of highlights.

Those are our highlights; we believe we need more of them to have a less boring life. Same as when we look at other people's social media feeds, and it seems like their lives are full of these highlights.

However, we perceive these memorable experiences as "highlights" because they don't happen daily. If you went to an Ed Sheeran concert every day, you wouldn't look at the activity in the same way, and the novelty wore off. 

A simple change can boost your routine.

I remember my university days, and I would take the route in my class every day. But whenever I felt down, I would change to a longer route next to the river, which was beautiful and could easier lift my mood. 

For instance, when you walk the dog, go to a street you haven't entered before. Go barista speed-dating and get your morning brew at a different café than your usual haunt. Start taking minor detours and routes to shake up your routine. You won't just discover new places but likely bump into some fascinating people along the way, too.

Never too old to learn something you love

There is no time like the present to exercise your curiosity. The opportunity to learn about pretty much anything is at your fingertips.

At the beginning of the past few years, I would always say that my new year's revolution would be that I would learn to ride a bike. But as the year went by, I never organised the time to learn to ride with work and chores. 

But this year, I set aside some time and finally learned to ride a bike, resulting in having relaxing rides on my bike every week to get groceries after a hard day at work. So never hold off learning a craft or activity because of work; it could be simple, like learning to make your favourite dish by hand or making your bookmark instead of buying one.

Step out of your comfort zone

One of the simplest ways to feel a lack of motivation in your day is to put yourself out of your comfort zone.

Consequently, take on a small uncomfortable challenge every day. Find ways to exit your comfort zone, whether it's a nice bath with a new bath bomb or a new gym exercise. You'll feel a sense of novelty even if you take baby steps. And because the options are limitless, you can find a new uncomfortable habit every day.

I walked past an old sweet shop every time I was in the city centre, but I was always too nervous about going in, and I would say I would go in next time. However, when I did go in, it was so much fun, and I found my all-time favourite sweets; it was a great day from the chore-filled day it was going to be. Destroying the locks of my comfort zone was a powerful way to reduce inevitable boredom.

So here is to not put pressure on yourself if you don't complete your whole routine every day and step into exploring different ways to spice up your daily routine.

I hope you all have a great start to the week.

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